Summer’s Here And The Time Is Right…

For riding in the streets! A picnic and group ride through Arts Alive!

Update! No potluck! (Bring your own snacks.) Saturday August 7th. Bocce Ball court at 5:00 and then group ride at 6:15 to Arts Alive where we’ll stop and check out galleries and mural making. @thejeffersonproject (where the Bocce Ball court and Bike Kitchen are located) is a no-alcohol, no-smoking area. Tell your friends! And follow #BikePartyHumboldt for more group rides.

We remain closed to the public for the time being but are accepting donations and selling refurbished bikes by appointment. You can keep an eye on what bikes we have available on our Craigslist page here: If you depend on your bike for transportation and have an emergency repair needed, you can also contact us for drop-off repairs.

The incomparable Gus Clark @clark.augustus has once again graced the Bike Kitchen with his legendary artistry. Wow! Awesome Gus! Thanks too to the indefatigable Heidi, at The Jefferson Project @thejeffersonproject for your support!

Left: Nice! Laura, of @humboldtsmokehouse stopped by to pick up a MTB for her son! Thanks for supporting the Bike Kitchen (and also Jefferson) Laura!
Right: Carson nabbed that beauties Cannondale today. Thank you Carson! Thank you awesome bike donators, and thank you volunteer mechanics who keep the wheels moving! We’re still closed to the public but taking appointments for donations and urgent repairs.

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