Happy Holidays 2020

As the number of COVID cases continue to rise in Humboldt, the Bike Kitchen will remain closed to the public for the month of January. If you have urgent bike needs please contact the Bike Kitchen through our Facebook, Insta or right here on the site with a comment! See also: email & phone# in sidebar.

2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays 2020

  1. I have an old Trek mountain bike that has sustained some water damage that I would like to donate. Are you interested?

    I also have a kids bike that might be able to be fixed up for a deserving new rider. Would you be interested?

    I’d like to pass it along before I chuck it.


    • Hi Michelle,
      I replied with an email as well.
      Unfortunately we’re strapped for volunteer mechanic hours due to COVID at the moment. We’re still accepting (and very grateful for) donation bikes but we’re having to be much more exclusive at this time. When you say ‘water damage’ that might mean rust, and in fact rust is one of the few reasons we’d turn away an old Trek mountain bike. If the chain is rusted solid (we often replace chains, but that amount of rust is indicative of other things) and or the gears don’t shift, it’s probably too far gone for us at this time.
      If the gears shift and it’s not too rusty, yes please. If you could bring it by the BK between 6-8PM on a Tuesday evening that would be great.

      We have a bunch of kids bikes at the moment so are probably not a good fit for that bike.
      Before chucking either, I’d also suggest (if practical) leaving them out on the curb with a Free sign.


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