Free As-Is Project Bikes

Sorry for the short notice but we suddenly realized we were overwhelmed with bikes we haven’t been able to get to since the pandemic hit.

Free As-Is Project Bikes available at the Eureka Bike Kitchen on Saturday, November 14, 2-4 PM. Because we’re not having volunteers into the Bike Kitchen, we find ourselves with a bunch of bikes that are a little too far gone and less time for us to refurbish them. For that reason we’re having a 1 day free as-is project bike giveaway day (whatever is left will be parted and recycled) on Saturday, November 14 2-4 PM. You should know that there are good reasons why these bikes are free… hard to find replacement parts or cheap bikes to begin with, for example. You’re welcome to them… but please don’t bring them back to us as drop-off repairs lol! We also have a bunch of clean used bike clothing and shoes. Also… If you see a bike here that you donated, please understand that we do our best to refurbish bikes and get them back out into the community.

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