Mad Scramble Cyclocross Race 2/15/20

Our Monday night lead mechanic Tim also volunteers with the Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association. He wanted to share an event that will benefit the Annie and Mary Rail Trail which aims to connect Arcata and Blue Lake along the Mad River.

Cyclocross, (not cyclecross), is a short track race usually a mile or so long. The participants ride laps as fast as they dare for a predetermined time and whomever is in the lead when time is up is the winner winner chicken dinner. We will have a 30 minute race, a 60 minute race, and a couple abbreviated rides for the kids in between.
The track for the Mad Scramble is about 3/4 mile and relatively flat and there are no big climbs. It’s open to all – beginners, intermediate, and experts alike. The track is simple enough that even kids can ride most of it. There are a couple features that will likely be cause for all but the more experienced riders to dismount, but that’s part and parcel for this type of race. It’s open to all types of bicycles too. Some will ride there cyclocross specific bikes, and some will ride mountain bikes, and everything in between. I’ve ridden the course on my commuter bike with street tires on it.
AND, because it’s a short track venue, it’s a great spectator sport and fun to watch too.
AND, there will be some food for the riders after the race.

Mad Scramble Cyclocross
Artwork by Bryan Bussel

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