There’s a new mural at Eureka’s Community Bike Kitchen | Times Standard

The Bike Kitchen’s new mural is pictured with folks who helped make it possible: Emily Sinkhorn, bike kitchen coordinator and RCAA staff; Mark Weller, Jefferson Community Resource Center director; Gus Clark, artist/muralist; John Humphrey, bike kitchen volunteer and assistance muralist; and Heidi Benzonelli-Burden and Richard Evans of the Westside Community Improvement Association. (RCAA — Contributed)

The Community Bike Kitchen, a hands-on bicycle repair and learning hub located at the Jefferson Community Center in Eureka, now has a new mural thanks to a collaboration of local community organizations and a local artist. The mural was designed and painted by local artist Augustus “Gus” Clark and made possible with support from the bike kitchen, the Jefferson Community Center and Park and the Westside Community Improvement Association.

The mural captures the joy of bicycling and the natural beauty that abounds on the North Coast. Clark at first planned a small mural square with Bike Kitchen volunteers but was so inspired by the large blank wall and the community energy of the Bike Kitchen that the project quickly expanded.

“I had a great time, the process was alive, and I got to practice a few new techniques,” he said.

This new mural joins the other colorful, community-oriented features of the Jefferson Community Park in Eureka.

Eureka’s local bike kitchen, a project of Redwood Community Action Agency, opened in June 2013 as a place where people could learn bike maintenance skills and find low-cost or no-cost used bicycles. For over six years, the Bike Kitchen has thrived as a hands-on workshop, providing tools, space and mechanics’ knowledge for bike repair and also volunteer opportunities to earn a new set of wheels.

The Bike Kitchen is currently open three days a week — Mondays and Tuesdays from 6 to 8 p.m. and Saturdays, 2 to 4 p.m. and is located on the south side of Jefferson Community Center campus (1000 B St.) in a little yellow building off Clark Street in between A and B streets.

The Bike Kitchen is powered by volunteers, who assist with bike repairs, teaching repairs skills, customer service, and guiding the direction of the Bike Kitchen through the steering committee. For more information, contact the Bike Kitchen at 707-269-2061 or or visit
There’s a new mural at Eureka’s Community Bike Kitchen

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