Earlier we mentioned the Mad Scramble Cyclocross Race 2/15/20 a fundraiser for Friends of the Annie & Mary Rail Trail that our Monday lead mechanic Tim Daniels is involved with. Today I want to share some video from the event. And congratulations to Emily for placing second in the women’s :30 race!

See you there next year!

2020 Workshop Schedule

Sorry, the Saturday, June 6 – Tires, Tubes and Fixing Flats workshop is cancelled due to… well, you know. Hope we’re back at it in time for the September 5 brakes workshop!

These workshops are free and run from 12-2.
Saturday, March 7 – Basic Bike Care
Saturday, June 6 – Tires, Tubes and Fixing Flats
Saturday, Sept. 5 – Brakes
Saturday, Dec. 5 – Derailleurs

Bike Kitchen Gift Certificates

Hey did you ever want to support the Bike Kitchen and share some bike love at the same time? Someone suggested we make gift certificates available and we thought that was a great idea.

You could put some money towards a bike for a friend or relative. Or you might consider donating a gift certificate with some instructions… ‘for a kid in need’ or ‘for anyone who really needs a bike but who doesn’t have cash or time to volunteer’, and leave it up to staff to keep an eye out for a deserving patron.

Mad Scramble Cyclocross Race 2/15/20

Our Monday night lead mechanic Tim also volunteers with the Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association. He wanted to share an event that will benefit the Annie and Mary Rail Trail which aims to connect Arcata and Blue Lake along the Mad River.

Cyclocross, (not cyclecross), is a short track race usually a mile or so long. The participants ride laps as fast as they dare for a predetermined time and whomever is in the lead when time is up is the winner winner chicken dinner. We will have a 30 minute race, a 60 minute race, and a couple abbreviated rides for the kids in between.
The track for the Mad Scramble is about 3/4 mile and relatively flat and there are no big climbs. It’s open to all – beginners, intermediate, and experts alike. The track is simple enough that even kids can ride most of it. There are a couple features that will likely be cause for all but the more experienced riders to dismount, but that’s part and parcel for this type of race. It’s open to all types of bicycles too. Some will ride there cyclocross specific bikes, and some will ride mountain bikes, and everything in between. I’ve ridden the course on my commuter bike with street tires on it.
AND, because it’s a short track venue, it’s a great spectator sport and fun to watch too.
AND, there will be some food for the riders after the race.

Mad Scramble Cyclocross
Artwork by Bryan Bussel

There’s a new mural at Eureka’s Community Bike Kitchen | Times Standard

The Bike Kitchen’s new mural is pictured with folks who helped make it possible: Emily Sinkhorn, bike kitchen coordinator and RCAA staff; Mark Weller, Jefferson Community Resource Center director; Gus Clark, artist/muralist; John Humphrey, bike kitchen volunteer and assistance muralist; and Heidi Benzonelli-Burden and Richard Evans of the Westside Community Improvement Association. (RCAA — Contributed)

The Community Bike Kitchen, a hands-on bicycle repair and learning hub located at the Jefferson Community Center in Eureka, now has a new mural thanks to a collaboration of local community organizations and a local artist. The mural was designed and painted by local artist Augustus “Gus” Clark and made possible with support from the bike kitchen, the Jefferson Community Center and Park and the Westside Community Improvement Association.

The mural captures the joy of bicycling and the natural beauty that abounds on the North Coast. Clark at first planned a small mural square with Bike Kitchen volunteers but was so inspired by the large blank wall and the community energy of the Bike Kitchen that the project quickly expanded.

“I had a great time, the process was alive, and I got to practice a few new techniques,” he said.

This new mural joins the other colorful, community-oriented features of the Jefferson Community Park in Eureka.

Eureka’s local bike kitchen, a project of Redwood Community Action Agency, opened in June 2013 as a place where people could learn bike maintenance skills and find low-cost or no-cost used bicycles. For over six years, the Bike Kitchen has thrived as a hands-on workshop, providing tools, space and mechanics’ knowledge for bike repair and also volunteer opportunities to earn a new set of wheels.

The Bike Kitchen is currently open three days a week — Mondays and Tuesdays from 6 to 8 p.m. and Saturdays, 2 to 4 p.m. and is located on the south side of Jefferson Community Center campus (1000 B St.) in a little yellow building off Clark Street in between A and B streets.

The Bike Kitchen is powered by volunteers, who assist with bike repairs, teaching repairs skills, customer service, and guiding the direction of the Bike Kitchen through the steering committee. For more information, contact the Bike Kitchen at 707-269-2061 or or visit
There’s a new mural at Eureka’s Community Bike Kitchen

Update – Change of Bike Kitchen Days!

We are still open three nights a week but our days of the week have changed to Monday, Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m.

We are still located at the Jefferson Community Center, 1000 B street in Eureka. (In the yellow building on Clark Street with the wonderful mural in progress between A & B streets!)

The Bike Kitchen is becoming even more vibrant with the addition of a fantastic mural by local artist Augustus Clark. The mural is still in progress but already has dramatically added to the neighborhood.


Summer was busy in the Bike Kitchen with many people finding a new (or first ever!) bike. We also met many new people in the community by having a booth at Friday Night Market this fall.

Thank you Funders!
The Bike Kitchen depends upon community donations and volunteering to continue our services, but we also sometimes get a little extra help from funders. The Northern California Environmental Grassroots Fund of the Rose Foundation recently awarded the bike kitchen a generous grant for general support. Funding from the Manual C. Kaster Fund of the Humboldt Area Foundation and Humboldt Sponsors have also allowed us to provide free bike lights and bike locks to youth and adults in need for safety and security.

Bike Kitchen volunteers recently screen printed more t-shirts! Get yours during open hours.

Get Involved!
Have you thought about getting more involved in the Bike Kitchen but wondered what you can contribute? Everyone has something to contribute. Volunteer mechanics and “concierges” help keep the bike kitchen running and serving people in our community. Both roles represent the Bike Kitchen, welcome new people into the space, and help keep tools and parts organized and accessible. Mechanics often teach bike maintenance techniques and help with hands-on repairs. Concierges orient new people to how the bike kitchen works, keep track of volunteer hours and run our computer tracking systems.
If you are interested in getting more involved, inquire at the Bike Kitchen or contact us at 707-269-2061 or eurekacommunitybikekitchen [@]
Join our Mailing List!

Have an old bike, tools or parts to donate?
The Community Bike Kitchen gladly accepts donations during open hours or you can send an email to eurekacommunitybikekitchen [@] or call (707) 269-2061 for more information.