Free As-Is Project Bikes

Sorry for the short notice but we suddenly realized we were overwhelmed with bikes we haven’t been able to get to since the pandemic hit.

Free As-Is Project Bikes available at the Eureka Bike Kitchen on Saturday, November 14, 2-4 PM. Because we’re not having volunteers into the Bike Kitchen, we find ourselves with a bunch of bikes that are a little too far gone and less time for us to refurbish them. For that reason we’re having a 1 day free as-is project bike giveaway day (whatever is left will be parted and recycled) on Saturday, November 14 2-4 PM. You should know that there are good reasons why these bikes are free… hard to find replacement parts or cheap bikes to begin with, for example. You’re welcome to them… but please don’t bring them back to us as drop-off repairs lol! We also have a bunch of clean used bike clothing and shoes. Also… If you see a bike here that you donated, please understand that we do our best to refurbish bikes and get them back out into the community.

New Wednesday Open Hours (Starting July 8)

Hey All! In addition to our current (modified) open hours… Sat 2-4 & Tue 6-8, Javier (Habla español) and John will be opening Wednesdays 6-8 starting July 8. If you have a problem with your bike come on by and we’ll take a look at it. A small problem we may be able to fix while you wait. Larger problems might mean leaving your bike with us for a while. Also looking for donations of almost-rideable bikes! Thanks!

Opening! With Modified Operations.

The Bike Kitchen will be reopening with modified operations starting Saturday, May 9 for open hours Saturdays 2-4pm and Tuesdays 6-8pm. The Bike Kitchen will be offering drop-off repair services, accepting drop-by donations, helping folks find needed parts, and welcoming test rides of completed bicycles during these hours. We will be prioritizing drop-off repairs for those that need their bike for transportation and helping folks find a new bicycle. The Bike Kitchen will not yet be open to the public for maintenance assistance or volunteering due to social distancing guidelines, and will be following disinfecting protocols for bikes coming in the door and going out to new folks. Thank you for your patience as the Bike Kitchen adapts its operations from a shared-space to a drop-off service during this time. We look forward to assisting the community to find a new bike or get their wheels rolling again!


Earlier we mentioned the Mad Scramble Cyclocross Race 2/15/20 a fundraiser for Friends of the Annie & Mary Rail Trail that our Monday lead mechanic Tim Daniels is involved with. Today I want to share some video from the event. And congratulations to Emily for placing second in the women’s :30 race!

See you there next year!

2020 Workshop Schedule

Sorry, the Saturday, June 6 – Tires, Tubes and Fixing Flats workshop is cancelled due to… well, you know. Hope we’re back at it in time for the September 5 brakes workshop!

These workshops are free and run from 12-2.
Saturday, March 7 – Basic Bike Care
Saturday, June 6 – Tires, Tubes and Fixing Flats
Saturday, Sept. 5 – Brakes
Saturday, Dec. 5 – Derailleurs

Bike Kitchen Gift Certificates

Hey did you ever want to support the Bike Kitchen and share some bike love at the same time? Someone suggested we make gift certificates available and we thought that was a great idea.

You could put some money towards a bike for a friend or relative. Or you might consider donating a gift certificate with some instructions… ‘for a kid in need’ or ‘for anyone who really needs a bike but who doesn’t have cash or time to volunteer’, and leave it up to staff to keep an eye out for a deserving patron.

Mad Scramble Cyclocross Race 2/15/20

Our Monday night lead mechanic Tim also volunteers with the Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association. He wanted to share an event that will benefit the Annie and Mary Rail Trail which aims to connect Arcata and Blue Lake along the Mad River.

Cyclocross, (not cyclecross), is a short track race usually a mile or so long. The participants ride laps as fast as they dare for a predetermined time and whomever is in the lead when time is up is the winner winner chicken dinner. We will have a 30 minute race, a 60 minute race, and a couple abbreviated rides for the kids in between.
The track for the Mad Scramble is about 3/4 mile and relatively flat and there are no big climbs. It’s open to all – beginners, intermediate, and experts alike. The track is simple enough that even kids can ride most of it. There are a couple features that will likely be cause for all but the more experienced riders to dismount, but that’s part and parcel for this type of race. It’s open to all types of bicycles too. Some will ride there cyclocross specific bikes, and some will ride mountain bikes, and everything in between. I’ve ridden the course on my commuter bike with street tires on it.
AND, because it’s a short track venue, it’s a great spectator sport and fun to watch too.
AND, there will be some food for the riders after the race.

Mad Scramble Cyclocross
Artwork by Bryan Bussel